Community-driven Website Redesign in 3 Days

Good people with cause for celebration.

Jubilee Park Community


Lead Conceptual Designer & Production Designer

Project Details:

GiveCamp and Coding for Charity put on a gathering of creativity, passion, and heart every November. Hundreds of front-end and back-end wizards—as well as non-profit organizations—get together and build much needed web assets for free over the course of a single weekend!

Jubilee Park celebrated their 50th anniversary (their year of jubilee) and we helped them celebrate with a new website design.

We met with Jubilee Park (4 hrs), developed a design (5-20 hrs), and built a sharp website with the help of the GiveCamp team (72 hrs). We also set up a photoshoot for the cover stories on the website highlighting actual members of the Jubilee Park community.

Jubilee Park Website Design

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